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SunRing area - in the heart of Europe. Welcome! 








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Anouk Claes Jakob Bösch 


Pater Dr. Anselm Grün Rüdiger Dahlke




The SunRing area measures 15km x 20km connecting Lake Constance and Alps (Mount Säntis).


In depth research on the SunRing area proves uniqueness and great potential for compelling

projects as the SunRing-miracle kicks off many ideas attracting all customer segments. 

The miracle? Nobody knows why thirty villages in the SunRing align to a perfect spiral, but

they all 
together hallow the symbol of life and the formula of growth. Spirals are the most 
powerful pattern in our universe. This universal concept makes the area special - and also 

its cultural events and buildings inspired by the spiral concept. 



The SunRing area is located in the heart of Europe - here 30 villages connect to a spiral pattern. 

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